Phaewryn's Assignment01, Research, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017


My name is Phaewryn O'Guin. I am a first-year student at Community College of Vermont on a pathway to a Computer Systems Administration / Network Administration dual degree. I previously took Jil's Computer Applications class in Springfield, and this semester I'm taking both this class and Desktop Operating Systems online. I hope to be back in campus in the summer or fall, fingers crossed for a good CIS schedule there for 2017! I already know how to build websites, I'm here to bring my skills up to current standard, as I've been using a depreciated version of HTML (4.01 transitional). I would also like to learn WordPress, as I have an opportunity to volunteer as a webmaster of a site using it and I know nothing about it.

I have 3 computers, all running Windows (two on 10 and one on 7). I can use all Windows programs/applications, I avoid anything made by Adobe like the plague it is, I prefer to code in Notepad or Notepad++ (depends on the complexity and effort, the autofill "!important" in Notepad++ is pretty handy for coding CSS, but I don't find it necessary for basic HTML pages). I'm a fan of open source or freeware (or donation) programs, and I like to support the little guy by using them as much as possible. To this end I use Sumatra for PDF files, Irfanview and GIMP for image work, and various other unheard of programs for Windows customizations. My favorite website is, ah, admittedly, Facebook, not because it's brilliant in web design, in fact, it's often a broken nightmare, but rather because it consumes so much time and is such a great distraction from life. If I had to pick a favorite website based on website design, I'd probably choose, simply because for the complexity, I'm always impressed how it is never broken, it always dependable, and is so easy to navigate. It's quite the feat of website design. As for the textbooks website, do you mean CCV's textbooks website? The CCV textbooks website has a neat feature of calling the student's current courses and telling us what we need to purchase, and I'd love to know how that is done. I see it has several redirects, but I'd like to know how it calls the student database to customize the results.

Here are a few of my current websites: (my personal file repository site where I dump things I use often and store files) (a personal site I made on google sites) (my student site from last semester) (an example site from last semester)