Assignment 03, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017


The lack of Dogfooding.

Question 1:
  • Give me your favorite CSS from Zen Garden put the link in your report. Give me 5 things you like about it. Explain in your point of view of what CSS could do for you and your project. (150 words)

First of all, I'd like to point out that there is a serious lack of dogfooding happening at this website, a website that touts the value of w3c, and yet spits in the face of the standards w3c sets by suggesting styles which do not validate using the w3c validators!

The style Midcentury Woman doesn't validate

The style Garments doesn't validate

The style Steel doesn't validate

The style Screen Filler doesn't validate

The style Fountian Kiss doesn't validate

The style A Robit Named Jimmy doesn't validate

The style Verde Moderna doesn't validate

I could go on, but this is pointless, clearly many of the styles on that site are not going to validate! This is a really neat CONCEPT, and I like that they tried to make something good, but many of the designs do not validate. This is always going to be a problem when people try to expand the scope of CSS outside the DESIGN LIMITS of the language! I can't recommend or endorse this website, it is suggesting to people code which does not comply to w3c CSS standards.

If I had to choose a favorite from the designs listed, I would choose Contemporary Nouveau because:

  • It has LESS errors (the CSS, at least, validates).
  • It is visually pleasing, I like the colors and the structure.
  • It has good readibility.
  • It has good (low) contrast.
  • It could be easily corrected to validate fully with minor modifications.

As far as what CSS can do for me and my project, CSS is essential to create a good-looking and correct HTML5 websites. CSS not only lets one choose colors, but also arrangement of elements, how they look, and the layout of a website.


Question 2:
  • SASS - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets - give me 50 words on what it is with a link to your research.

Research Link 1.

Research Link 2.

Research Link 3.

SASS is a preprocessor program that allows people who are too lazy to code in correct CSS shortcuts in order to save time. A preprocessor is a program that takes one type of data and converts it to another type of data. SASS converts ugly incorrect code into something marginally closer to correct code by sending the shortcutted code through their program, which interprets the SASS file and then outputs it as a CSS file (although riddled with errors).
SASS feels like a scripting language. It seems to output a non-conforming CSS file that attempts to add features to CSS which were never intended, and do not comply with w3c standards. SASS also seems to add some mathematical functionality to CSS, which I see no point in, and cannot think of any application for that one could not accomplish with a simple calculator on one's desk.

I have included several links to the w3c Unicorn validator which refer to the SASS website, and prove that they cannot even make their own website validate.
I would never use this, it is a butchery of CSS, it makes a mess of something that is simple, and overcomplicates the code.
Anyone who recommends this needs to educate themselves about what validation is and why it is important.