Chapter 14 Enhancements with CSS3

  1. Rounding the Corners of Elements

    Page 365, Figs A and B: rounded-corners.html and rounded-corners.css

    Page 367, Fig F: rounded-corners-more-examples.css (view results in rounded-corners-more-examples.html)

  2. Adding Drop Shadows to Text

    Page 368, Figs A and B: text-shadow.html and text-shadow.css

  3. Adding Drop Shadows to Other Elements

    Page 370, Figs A, B and D: box-shadow.html and box-shadow.css

  4. Applying Multiple Backgrounds

    Page 373, Figs A and B: multiple-backgrounds.html and multiple-backgrounds.css

    Page 375, Fig E: multiple-backgrounds-shorthand.css (view results in multiple-backgrounds-shorthand.html)

  5. Using Gradient Backgrounds

    Page 376-379, Figs A-I: gradients.html and gradients.css