Assignment 09, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017

Research - User Groups:

Question 1:

"User groups", to me, will always only ever mean usenet. User forums, yahoo groups, and other group networking sites such as meetup and professional groups, on the other hand, are plentiful and valuable resources for information. Forums can take the form of typical bulletin board forums, help forums, interactive FAQ help forums, and more. My favorite user forum for getting help with technical matters is Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow.

Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow

A question I asked at Stack Overflow

I am a member of several technical groups. As a member of IEEE, I am involved in their Section meetings, which take place via teleconference. During our last meeting, we discussed Section business, social media, and recruitment objectives. While our Section has no formal forum, we do meet regularly via teleconference, so this to me is another form of a user group.

I am also a member of several online communities. I am a member of BAT. Which is a technical group out of Brattleboro VT, and I have attended their meetings in person, which are scheduled and admininstrated on Meetup.

On Meetup, I am a member of several groups, most of which I have not personally attended meetings for. Groups such as Vermont Coders Connection, New England Association for Information Science & Technology, and Brattleboro Wordpress Meetup are all user groups I am a member of.

I am also a member at many online forum communities, such as Tom's Hardware Forum, Tech PowerUp Forums, Linus Tech Tips, Windows Seven Forums, as well as many software-specific help forums such as DisplayFusion Forums, AMD Support Forums, and the iObit Forum.

In addition to technical support forums and groups of various types, I am also a member of many other groups, such as the Feline Asthma Support Group, Handicats Group which offers support for people with disabled pets, and many more.

User forums, support groups, and support forums are simply one of the best ways to get help using the internet. They are the combined knowledge of humanity at your fingertips.