Assignment 10, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017

Research - Lists & Menus:

Question 1:

Having user-friendly navigation is an important element for websites. Navigation is one of the most essential elements of a website, allowing your users to find the information they need quickly, and efficiently. The best way to create compact and user-friendly navigation is to implement a CSS menu using HTML and a CSS stylesheet for menu customization. CSS menus are very flexible and fully customizable, allowing a web designer to create custom menus that offer the navigation assessibility and design feel to really set a webpage out from the pack. Using CSS, one can create dynamic and eye-popping navigation that works flawlessly and allows a designer to put a large amount of navigation into a very compact area, making for a professional website design.

Lists are often used to sort elements into categories or display list items. There are many ways you can customize lists. They can be numbered or listed with checkboxes, icons, or bullet points of any style, or no bullets at all. One can add or remove the tab margin as desired (see below).

Menu Resources

CSS Wizardry: Creating a CSS Dropdown Menu
CSS Wizardry's Creating a CSS Dropdown Menu goes into great detail about the process of creating a dropdown menu using CSS. CSS Navigation Bar
w3schools CSS Navigation Bar pages explain how to create navigation menus using CSS.
Simple Pure CSS Drop Down Menu - CodePen
The Simple Pure CSS Drop Down Menu at CodePen gives allt he code needed to create a basic dropdown navigation menu.