Assignment 12, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017

Research - Search Engine Optimization:

Question 1:

Search Engine Optimization

I thought this was a very good website about search engine optimization, there's honestly no need to look anywhere else, he really covers the topic well. A lot has changed since I was building websites a decade ago. For example, I was not aware that Google ignores meta keywords due to the sheer amount of spam people have been stuffing into them since search optimization became "SEO" and a fad since people started making money on advertizing. It's interesting that yahoo does not ignore them. I would still put them in a page, a viewer is a viewer, it doesn't matter to me which search engine they were referred from. I have also added my student website to Google's Search Console, in addition to added a breadcrumbs navigation menu to the pages from this point forward. I will probably go through and add it to the rest of the pre-existing site as well before I submit a sitemap to Google for it.

Google's instructional page on meta tags, telling webmasters which ones to use.

A nice page from 2007 that still makes effective breadcrumbs, because there's no point in writing new code when you can copy/paste it from an exiting source.

A nice page that makes effective meta tags, because there's no point in writing new code when there's a generator to do it for you.

A webpage that teaches you how to build an XML sitemap for your website. I will not be adding this until the site is complete at the end of the semester because I don't feel it is appropiate to submit a sitemap for an incomplete site. This is something that should be done after the site is completed and ready to go public in its full form.

A webpage that automatically generates an XML sitemap fpor your website. I'll be using this when the site is complete.