Assignment 13, Website Development, CCV Spring 2017

Research - MOOC Vendors:

Question 1:

MOOC Vendor Subscriber Statistics

This is how you would google each online course provider. From there, one can find an entry for each company on wikipedia. Wikipedia is a great source for statistics. The statistics for edX say the company has "more than 10 million" subscribers: edX on wikipedia. Similarly, Coursera has 15 million subscribers according to wikipedia, however, that figure is from 2015, so I decided to find a more recent statistic by enabling google's search within the past year filter, and was able to find a page on thier website that states they at this time have "24 million learners". In contrast, Udacity doesn't compete. Despite an extremely outdated wikipedia statistic stating they have 1.6 million users as of 2012, my further research didn't impress me. I was unable to find any current company-produced data about their subscriber statistics, and their website does not even have basic search functionality, their "About" page lists no figures, and therefor I must assume they are hiding something shameful and not competetive. This, of course, is an assumption and could be researched further by emailing the company and asking them for current subscriber figures. Because I wasn't happy with leaving it at that or waiting for their response to an email, I kept digging, and found this website that compares the 3 MOOC vendors, further comfirming my suspicions that Udacity fails to compete with only 4 million subscribers, compared to Coursera's 23 million and edX's 10 million. Note that the webpage was created in 2016, so figures may have varied slightly since.