That teetering edge

Tonight, as I finished my classwork for the week, I sat here thinking on what else I had to accomplish before my weekend could begin. It being late Thursday, and having only done the most basic of housework beside my schoolwork, I began to realize: I’m back in it. I’ve been out of “it” for so long, I’d forgotten what it felt like to have ENOUGH to do to need to plan. As I sit here typing this post, I have to:

  1. clean the cat fountain, sanitize it, and refill it for the week
  2. sweep and mop the whole apartment
  3. gather all my IEEE events for the IEEE Green Mountain Section Facebook group and post any that are coming within the next month
  4. decide which events that do not fall into the previous category are valuable for other groups I am a member of and post them there
  5. sort through the bulk of the emails after that process is done and get the inboxes to my 5 email accounts back to reasonable organization
  6. figure out how to present my proposal at the statewide CSR meeting to start an IEEE Student Branch
  7. potentially design a website for the above mentioned project
  8. eat something today
  9. shower sometime in the next 12 hours

And I need to get all that done in the next 21 hours so I can be ready to DO NOTHING from Friday evening on through to Monday morning. Snap snap, I’m back in it.


This is my first attempt at using wordpress to build a website. The purpose of this website is to hone my skills and learn how to manage a wordpress website. WordPress is hugely popular, and many of the organizations I’ve offered to volunteer my services to have been operating on wordpress sites, and I have lacked qualifications. That is why this site is being developed, to further my skill set and expand my web design capabilities. is my primary student website for this class.